Bambi joins Walt Disney's Signature Collection

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By Natalie Otto, Assistant Publisher Mom, Macaroni Kid Pasadena-Severna Park June 2, 2017

As a kid, the movie Bambi was one of the first movies that came to mind when I recall my childhood. Not

only because it was a household name (2017 marks 75 years in the making!), but because of the

beautiful, forest setting and his relationship to the other characters.

Bambi, who is an adorable fawn, is originally portrayed as a curious toddler, who later becomes tasked

with fulfilling his destiny as the forest prince. His journey from toddlerhood to adulthood is filled with

humor, challenges and strife.

This circle-of- life story immediately reminds me of the cute little 2-year old toddler, my daughter, who is

sitting in my lap, soaking up the amazing animation and storyline. I see how Bambi’s life is paralleling

hers. And, while she has yet to understand the dangers that will present themselves to her later in life, I

find myself snuggling her tighter.

(SPOILER ALERT!) There’s a specific scene in the movie where Bambi and his mother are permanently

separated. My daughter instantly picked up on the fact that “Bambi lost his mama.” I took this as a

teaching moment to remind her how extremely important it is to stay close to mommy at all times.

Whether you are a Disney-fanatic who knows every movie and character ever created, or someone who

simply loves a great movie, this “timeless classic” is one that will surely be loved by your entire family; the kids at our re-launch party for Bambi were all ages and they loved it!