MacKid Review: SproutFood for Kids!

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By Nicolette Behm, Assistant Publisher, Macaroni Kid Pasadena-Severna Park July 28, 2017

Being a mother is the best job in the world, but (let’s be honest) it’s also hard work…right down to selecting what your children are eating. As a busy mom with two toddlers, it is very easy to just pick up the quickest pre-packaged snack available in the grocery store – I find myself doing this very often…before my time expires and one of my kids decides they no longer want to sit in the cart!

But, I’m trying to be more mindful about a cleaner eating style lately, and I’ve been paying closer attention to food labels and ingredient lists. If you’ve never given this a try, it can be a bit overwhelming. From words I can’t pronounce, to words I have never even heard before and have to look up (thanks, Google) I was amazed at how many things that aren’t really “food” are actually in the snacks I’m giving my children.  

That’s where Sprout Foods comes in! They take the guess work (and googling) out of picking out snacks for your kids. You see what you get with Sprout – the ingredients are the same as what’s listed on the front of the package! There’s something for every child, with pouches that combine blends of fruits and veggies to sneak in some essential foods that your child might not otherwise want to eat (think leafy green vegetables!) In addit ion to their pouches, Sprout also has released Curlz, a quinoa based puff for toddlers. The next time you’re rushing through the grocery store, give Sprout Foods products a you’re Your kids will love them, they’re quick and easy, and they provide your toddler with the healthy foods they need!

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