Make Holiday Cash by Consigning Clothes & Toys!

By Laura McElwain Colquhoun, Guest Contributor November 23, 2018

Happy Black Friday fellow parents!

The Christmas shopping season is officially upon us.  My own shopping is actually mostly complete, but no matter what your shopping status is, I'm sure there's not many who couldn't use a few more dollars this time of year!

Earlier this year I wrote an article about ways to help fatten your pocketbook, and now I have another resource to share with you:  kids clothing consignments!  Admittedly I have never consigned any children's clothing, but I am happy to know another way to make some extra pocket cash this holiday season.  

My sister used to consign her girls' clothes when they were younger and had great success.  I recall her preparing the clothes just like she would for a garage/yard sale, washing and neatly presenting each item.  With her consignor, she priced her own items with suggestions from the consignor, but I know each place has their own policies regarding consigning.  She shared that she enjoyed checking her online account to see how much she was making.  

And there is another benefit to consigning:  out with the old!  My son is getting some clothes for Christmas from family members, so there's no better time to clear out what he cannot wear to make room for the new.

We have many fabulous consignments stores all around us right here in northern Anne Arundel County that take children's clothing:

Wear It Again, Sam 
3020 Mountain Road, Pasadena

Once Upon a Child Glen Burnie
62 Mountain Road, Glen Burnie

Savvy Consignment
553 B&A Boulevard, Severna Park

Honeysuckle Quality Consignment
1584 Ritchie Highway, Arnold

I know getting out to do one more errand with littles, especially in winter, can be stressful.  I've been there, and I hear you!  If you're in that camp, there are online kids consignment sites.  Kudos to my husband for first finding out about these and giving us another resource to make a little extra cash.

Happy consigning, friends!