🥗 Nutrition Ideas For Tired And Stressed Parents

Suggestions To Help Improve Your Energy Levels, Mental Clarity And More!

By Raelynn Torzone, Guest Contributor November 11, 2021

Busy?  Exhausted?  Stressed?

Find out what foods and lifestyle changes will help!

I have heard from many of my clients that they are getting burned out.  The climate is

one of emotional intensity, work overload and long hours.  We all know that when work

gets like this, we don’t eat as well as we should, and we eat out at restaurants more often. 

I have also heard from some of my restaurant owners that due to recent known difficulties in the 

industry, their businesses are suffering, and the cost of food is much higher, often making better quality 

foods impossible to afford.  This usually results in use of less organic options and food being cooked in 

poor quality oils.

Effects On The Body

What happens to the body when it is stressed?  And what happens when the quality of

food is lowered?  Well, it’s simple!  The mental and physical stress you are under is likely

creating a problem for the efficiency of your adrenal glands

These glands help with many functions to include stable energy throughout the day, sleep and mental clarity. 

So, if you are stressed, you can bet that your adrenals have taken a hit.

Lifestyle Changes

Make sure you are in bed without any electronics allowing for 6-8 hours of sleep.

Exercise 45 minutes per day, and get a good detox program on board for your body.  Red light

therapy or foot detoxification can be very easily done, and they're relaxing.

Now, let's add in the decrease food quality you're eating, whether it's less homemade meals, eating out 

at restaurants that have been forced to decrease their quality, or eating fast food to get something quick

so you can rush to the next appointment.  Without certain vitamins from the right foods, the adrenal 

glands will be under additional stress.  B12, in particular, is important in adrenal function. 

Adrenal Supportive Foods 

The following food lists can help you improve the health and stamina of your adrenal glands.  Taking a 

good adrenal supplement will also be beneficial.  These will help your overall stamina, mental clarity and 

sleep quality.



Avocado & Healthy Fats (Avocado Oil)

Cruciferous Vegetables

Fatty Fish (Wild Caught)

Free Range Organic Chicken and Turkey

Bone Broth (Organic Source)

Nuts (Walnuts, Almonds)

Seeds (Pumpkin, Chia, Flax)

Kelp and Seaweed

Celtic/Himalayan Sea Salt

Chaga and Cordyceps Medicinal Mushrooms

Foods to Avoid

Caffeine (limit to one 10 ounce cup of coffee per day)

Carb-Heavy Foods (Bread, Pasta, Potatoes and Rice)

Processed and Microwaved Foods

Processed Meats (found in fast food restaurants) or Frozen Packaged Meats

Hydrogenated Oils

Small changes can make a big difference, and the transformations will happen.  A nutrition professional 

can also help in your journey to a more energetic and rejuvenated you!

Raelynn Torzone is Chief Nutrition Practitioner at Natural Benefits in Annapolis, MD.