Age Appropriate Chores for Kids

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By Katy Agro Myers, Publisher Mom, Macaroni Kid Pasadena-Severna Park February 22, 2019

 We count on Auckland Services to come every other week and restore our home to a restful haven, which is no small feat considering the kids and pets that live here, plus our particularly dirty outdoor sports and activities like mountain biking, scooters, and more! They are pros at getting into every nook and cranny, vanquishing crumbs from hiding places I didn't know existed, and making sure their regular cleanings add up. 

More than that, Auckland Services motto is " we like to give moms a day off!" And they do!  During each visit, Auckland Services asks what's going on in my house and what I can use help with.  Some weeks its laundry and they fold and put away loads that might be in the dryer, sometimes it's cleaning out the fridge or organizing the pantry.  After Christmas, our games and books were out of control.  Teresa's team whipped that cabinet into order and made it look like a store shelf!  

They help me come with ideas on how to organize my family better. Each visit, they organize the endless amount of stuffed animals on the kids' beds into a neat and orderly army of friends-and just last week, they easily located a beloved puppy that had been MIA for a week.  Teresa also offers custom organizational services. I often joke that having Teresa's team come twice a month is like having a wife.  I know that she'll take care of the little things that I miss and that my husband might never think about.  She helps get the kids' dressers in order, cleaning out clothes that might not fit, even helping me dispose of items that I've cleaned out when purging! 

I reached out to Teresa Auckland, Owner of Auckland Services, and fellow mom, about age-appropriate cleaning chores for kids. Check out these ideas for ways to involve your kids, no matter how old they are:

Ages 3 to 5 – put away toys, make beds, match socks in the laundry pile, and hang towels in the bathroom
Ages 6 and 7 – vacuum, fold laundry, put their own laundry away, unload the dishwasher, and empty indoor garbage cans
Ages 8 to 11 – wash dishes, clean the bathroom, rake leaves, start using the washer and dryer, put all laundry away, take out the garbage, and sweep the kitchen
Ages 12 to 15 – Dry dust furniture, vacuum entire house, clean bathrooms, do dishes, clean mirrors, mow the lawn, clean all windows, and mop floors
Ages 16 to 18 – Wash the car, clean the inside of the car, deep clean appliances, defrost and clean out the fridge

Give yourself a break, mom!  Spend more time snuggling with your family and let Auckland Services sweat the small stuff for you!