A to Z Education Here To Support Your Family As We Head Back To School

A to Z Education Consulting Is Here With Incredible Support, Enrichment & Programming For Students

August 10, 2021

The Back to School countdown is on and this promises to be a very unique start to the school year. During the pandemic our lives were disrupted. Children’s lives were tossed upside down. Familiar routines ended abruptly. New structures and ways of doing things (especially school) happened. While we are hopeful to see a return to normal soon, we know a few things about this transition:  1) It’s not fully known what the pandemic impacts will be as we resume school. 2) The pandemic school closures, virtual learning, and hybrid learning impacted students and impacted mathematics learning more than other content area (see our blog post). 3) Education is ripe for reform!  We have more technology now, more abilities to differentiate, personalize, and customize learning and we saw that there are new ways to approach teaching and learning. 

As you think about your child’s education, A to Z Education Consulting, LLC a local, small business is here to partner with you! We literally provide just about everything related to education from A to Z by partnering with an incredible network on top notch educators, curators, guides, and coaches. This fall we will be offering a stunning line up of unique programming for students from kindergarten to 9th grade. Our four pathways are Foundations, Humanities, Enrichment, and Excursions.     

Additionally, WE ARE HIRING-- we looking for additional TOP NOTCH partners…. If you have a passion, talent, or interest area you’d like to share with others, let us know.  We are looking for part time, contractual Partners, Curators, and Coaches. More information coming soon! 

We can’t wait to connect with you and support your child's education! 

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